Social Media Tools or E-Business for Genting Group

Picture of Google Analytics’ logo.

Google analytics

This social media tool helps the company to analyze how many visitors have been visited, where they are from, and how long do they stay on website and others.

Picture of’s logo.

This tool is a URL shortener, meaning it turns a long web address to a short web address. This is because some URL shortener does not shorten all URLs and just offer an analytic and tracking service. Due to its highly usage and has a fantastic analytic, the company can see how many times a link in a tweet has been clicked and also the network they are using. Besides shortening it, this tool is able to customize a shortened URL.

Picture of Buffer’s logo.


This tool allows the company to post or share to all social networks. The company can create a posting schedule for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedln and Google+ pages all in one place, which is convenient such that it saves a considerable time.

Picture of Feedly’s picture.


Feedly helps determine what others are saying in terms of content and identifying the key industry trends in relevant information that should shape your own social-media posts. It offers content curation and content sharing that integrates with Buffer.

Picture of Brand24’s logo


This tool saves a lot of troubles from rumours. It delivers real-time information on what’s been said and what is going on with the company’s competition. This helps the company respond to positive and negative comments across social-media platforms effectively, thus can stay engaged with the audience as well as identifying any potential sales opportunities.

Picture of Edgar’s logo.


This tool helps the company to locate some of the essential content that many followers have missed due to overwhelm with the constant flow of information. It provides a function to categorize one post so that one can track down the content that one wants to re-post in the near future.

Picture of SocialClout’s logo.

Social clout

An analytical tool to make marvelous improvements in engagement, campaigns and keywords. It delivers reports on demographic and social-media results. All of these reports provide data on multiple social-media accounts to track the progress and be able to identify the differences in responses across platforms.

Picture of Sendible’s logo.


A very useful social media-tool that combines all aspects of social-media management responsibilities. It pulls all posts and comments into one dashboard for analysis, measurement and engagement. Besides, it includes other functions like publishing, collaboration, customer relationship management and mobile tools.

Picture of Ebay’s logo.


It is a subsidiary company that provide online marketplaces for the sales of goods and services, online communications and payments and online offerings or bidding to buyer and seller around the world.

Picture of Wolfram Alpha Facebook Report’s logo.

Wolfram Alpha Facebook Report

This tool is useful for those who drive their business page through their personal profile. It is so detailed that it displayed a relationship status graph. This helps the company to identify in which field they should improve or avoid by both internal factors and external factors.


Picture of Tweriod’s logo.


This tool measures the effectiveness of posts according to level of engagement, detailing hours and days when engagement reaches at it limits. Every business needs to use Tweriod when planning their content-marketing strategy.


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