External Environments that affects Genting Group

One of the External Environment that affects Genting Group is the Demographic Component. First of all, Genting Highlands is a place which is suitable for all ages. The reason for why I say so is because the presence of Indoor and also Outdoor Theme Park which is suitable for kids and teenagers to play and enjoy. For all the indoor and outdoor activities, there is an age limit, therefore it is advisable if parents could follow kids. Furthermore, the adults can also spend their time at the casino when their kids are having fun at the theme park. Genting is famous for their legal casino which consists all the facilities  and also fully equipped with new tables and different types of ways to gamble. For those who dont like gambling or having fun at the theme park, there is also alot of shops and also restaurants for them to shop at the First World Plaza.

theme park level 2
Upper View of Outdoor Theme Park of Level 2
theme park
Outdoor Theme Park’s ride
genting indoor
First World Plaza, Indoor Theme Park
genting casino.jpg
This is the Casino in Genting

Moreover, i think another External Environment is the technological component, which is the arcades which is located in First World Plaza and also the walkway near to the Genting Grand Hotel. The Arcade centre which requires alot of technology and also innovation of each individual that makes this place interesting. Next, the reopening of Genting’s Outdoor Theme Park in year 2016, with he theme of  Fox World. This is also an industrial innovation to compete with other Theme Parks in other countries.

Arcade Near Genting Grand Hotel
arcade 2
Arcade at FIrst World Plaza
genting 2016
Reopening of Outdoor Theme Park in year 2016.

In a nutshell, The two external environments that affect Genting Group is the Demographic component and also the Technological Component.


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